Make Pics Money Easy

on 2.23.2009

First, what pics money is? Pics money can be mean make picture and sell that pics right? But how about this, make some selling page about one product but with addition pics like graphics, header, footer graphic and some additional pics material which can make high conversion rate to customer?. That could be bigger than sell just one picture.

The big difficult is how to make high quality pics in fast and very credible for everyone see it. For people that don't know ,it could take few days even week to complete. But there is handy tool that so powerful to make it easy like click.

The tool is E-cover Ninja. It has been credible for many customer which pay attention and try the tool.What will you get is great credibility ,great attention and importantly returning customer to see.

E-cover Ninja could be:

  • Surpass your expectations with speed, reliability and graphical excellence
  • 72 hour delivery time graphic speed
  • Grab your reader’s attention with 100% quality work ,it never outsource and never cut corners, provide the highest quality graphics that allow you to make the RIGHT first impression
  • Form a trusting, long-lasting business relationship

“Stunned... Floored... Mesmerized...”

"I loved it" doesn't even come close to describing how I felt when I saw my completed design. eCoverNinja did an amazing job, in record time. His customer service is fantastic and he kept me involved throughout the design process. I'm now a customer for life...”

David McGimpsey

“I am 100% certain to return to you again in the future…”

“I just want to let you know that the design you have done for me is awesome, way better than I expected to be honest! I am more than happy to recommend your service to anybody else in need of fantastic designs - with such a quick turnaround and excellent interpretation of my ideas I am 100% certain to return to you again in the future.

I was really pleased when you made the two minor changes that I requested in less than an hour (on a Sunday night as well!). Also, I was very impressed that you didn't just knock up a few graphics and stick them in a zip file as experienced in the past - they were compiled into an HTML file which I can just upload straight to my server - pure simplicity!!

100% Recommended!”

Phil Moulds

Just imagine having a website or a product image – in only 72 hours from now – that knocks your customer’s socks off!

Just imagine – in a few short days – having a website that blows away your competition and practically forces your visitors to hit the order button!

Just imagine never having to worry with another careless graphic designer that provides lack-luster work and is never on time!


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