Want pics money with targeted traffic?

on 2.27.2009

Want pics money must do targeted traffic. Let me tell you this situation which extremely nest in our mind. 

What's the #1 Guaranteed way to generate revenue from your website?



**Sales Copy?

Nope...wrong!!! Try again.

**Errr...Hmmm...A big advertising budget?

Nope...wrong!!! Strike three.

The secret is getting people who are already looking for what you offer....
Here's how we do it........

Why would you spend hundreds of pain staking, non-income producing, grueling hours, LEARNING 
another "Step-By-Step" program that 
teaches the "Secrets" of Web 2.0 
without PROOF that it would 

work for YOU?


Wouldn't it be great and make MORE sense if you could Profit FIRST...Then use an Undisputed, Proven Method that's ALREADY made you money to do it again, and again, and again?

There are thing which you don,t commonly do:

  • Squidoo
  • My Space
  • Social network sites
  • Article submission sites
  • Bum Marketing
  • Or any other method we use to generate high quality traffic to YOUR site..

If you are already using Web 2.0 marketing methods, we'll save you light years of developing all your campaigns.

If you are still learning the techniques, we'll get you up to speed with RESULTS so you can focus your energy on marketing...then learning what and WHY it worked.

Here's What We Do...

  • Tag your web page to 40 Top Sites with a Google PR4 to PR8
  • Add 2000 MySpace Back Links
  • Create 100 back links from Squidoo itself
  • Submit one article to 100 Article Directory Sites that link to your website
  • Create a Squidoo lens for any niche of your choice
  • Pepper your Squidoo lens with your Clickbank affiliate code
  • Sprinkle your lens with other related affiliate links from affiliate programs outside of Clickbank
  • Strategically place CPA (Cost Per Action) links throughout your lens so you can earn income just by people clicking your links...they don't even need to buy anything for you to earn a commission (HOT!!)

Do you got point? 

Don't do much with tagging, so when Ankur told me he could tag my Product Creation Labs and Kevin Riley Inc. for about a buck a tagging site, I jumped at that. Why would I want to muck about and waste my time doing something I'm not even into.

Two days after he got my site and blog tagged, I sauntered over to take a look at my traffic stats. Wow! There was a sharp incline in my stats, and it was still climbing for the second day. How steep? Well. if it was a mountain, I'd definitely need ropes and pistons to climb that sucker ;)

Was it worth it? Well, neither of these sites has ever seen this much traffic -- and just one sale will pay off the tagging -- so, yes! It was definitely worth it..


Kevin Riley
Product Creation Labs

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